Thank you for your interest in applying to be a part of the next ShoutOut Live! The Festival. The aim of the festival is to bring podcast fans together in one place to laugh, learn, teach and inspire each other.
Let's Go
What's your name?

What's the name of your podcast?

Where can we find your podcast?

What's the best telephone number to reach you on?

How many hosts do you have ?

How many listeners do you have per episode? *

This helps us decide where you perform on the day.
Have you done a live show before ?

Are there any specific requirements you need to perform your show ?

If your show is shortlisted to participate in the next SO Live Festival you will be provided with a unique ticket code and you'll need to meet the minimum targets set so that your show makes it onto the stage.

Are you confident that your show is able to meet a target number of attendees?

E.g Discover Stage- 25 Attendees Live! Stage- 100 Attendees
Thank you for completing the application. We'll begin shortlisting shows in January 2018.

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